Master Class - (Non-Software Owner's Special) - Right Line Trading

Master Class - (Non-Software Owner's Special)

  • $249.00

An in-depth set of (5) Master Classes. Discover game-changing insight and practices for monetizing market trends that our software clearly defines. This 5 Module Master Class includes ATM Strategies to help guarantee success on every trade. This is perfect information for trading a small account and trading during summer months, when volume is down and market choppiness increases. This is going to be our most informative and comprehensive Master Class to date.  Come Join Us Today!

 Master Class #1 – Market Structure and Price Action Assessment

Includes Specific Japanese Candle Stick Formations, Consolidation Analysis, Comprehensive Engulfing Pattern Analysis, Support and Resistance Analysis.

Master Class #2 – Trend Assessment, Momentum Assessment

Taking optimum trades without the use of indicators.

Master Class #3 – The Triple Screen Indicator Method

Our indicator methodology and why it creates such a powerful forward-looking analysis.

Master Class #4 - In depth review of all indicators, settings, templates.

Putting indicator analysis, price action and market structure together.

Master Class #5 – Class will trade live markets with open audio chat.

Let’s all together grab the best trade entries from multiple markets.