(Live Course) AWAKEN THE INNER MASTER TRADER  (In Next Step Use Discount Code Mercedes for $200 off) - Right Line Trading

(Live Course) AWAKEN THE INNER MASTER TRADER (In Next Step Use Discount Code Mercedes for $200 off)

  • $689.00

Congratulations! You are one of the first 10 Orders!  If you proceed thru the checkout process at this time you will also receive “How Your environment Affects Your Brain” Free of Charge (Reg. Price $ 599.00.)

Fully interactive weekly live trading, chart reading and trading psychology group coaching.

We meet every Monday for approx. two hours starting at 7.30 AM Eastern.

We focus on training your mind while we trade live.

You will share my long and short term trading strategy

Strategies to get out of trades that don’t work.

I help you develop a trading plan that is right for your unique mindset and circumstances.

This trading class is limited to 15 members. Everyone will be able to ask  questions as trades set up, share ideas and partake actively in this trading room environment

You will learn in practical application how to trade with a Zen mindset.

Developing a meditative mind is an important part of this weekly training

The offer includes a Meditation package specially designed for RLT customers worth $ 249.00

You receive 7 meditations for traders recordings plus a bonus recording explaining the figure eight brain harmonizing process I have taught professional traders with no meditation experience.

A two hour group coaching class:

You will learn:

How transformational meditation works and why this type of meditation improves your brain and your trading

3 key ingredients of transformational meditation that change your brain

How you know that you are doing it right

Experience what it feels like to trade with a Zen mind.

 The group coaching is the perfect primer to get the most from the “Awaken The Inner Master Trader” group coaching and live training.


Total value of this package $ 649.00