RLT - Trading School Stocks

  • $4,000.00

We offer you a comprehensive series of stock trading lessons. You will graduate a professional profitable trader.


  • The mathematics of trading: understand “sensitivity”, “specificity” and “positive predictive value”.
  • How to interpret price action and market structure.
  • Important candle stick formations that help you trade.
  • The mathematics of indicator analysis.
  • Which indicators help and which hurt your trading.
  • How to perform multi-time frame analysis easily.
  • How to integrate Market Profile into your trading.
  • How to integrate the trend of correlative markets into your trading.
  • Creating trade management strategies based on risk analysis.
  • How to choose which stocks to trade each morning.
  • How to quickly determine the average true range of a stock.
  • How to create an individual ATM strategy for each stock to maximize profit.
  • Stocks and volatility.