RLT Complete Indicator Suite Futures (Monthly License)

  • $399.00

If you are like most traders you have already spent a lot of money on trading software that does not work. It provided you with trading entries, only to have the trend suddenly reverse and stop you out. If so, you are likely using a trading methodology that is based on faulty indicators and trend analysis that does not work. Most trading systems have not undergone two years of rigorous back testing utilizing market replay data. Most trading systems do not consist of a series of independent predictors of price movement that have together been optimized mathematically. Fortunately, this type of rigorous testing and analysis forms the backbone of the RLT-Indicator Suite. This software combines entry signals generated from multi-time frame analysis. It also does a multi-time time assessment of trend and looks at each financial instrument’s correlative markets. This markedly increases the trading success of a software generated trading entry. All of this provides you with unparalleled trading precision.